Husker football fans uphold tailgating traditions before Saturdays night game

Most fans had promising predictions as the Nebraska Cornhuskers took on the Northern Illinois Huskies.

“I’ve never picked against the Huskers, so obviously a win. Hopefully a blowout but we’ll see,” Husker fan Brett Lundin said.

However, last weeks heat breaking loss to Colorado left a bitter taste in some skeptics mouths.

“I think Northern Illinois is going to sneak up on them,” Maggie Rosenlof said.

Despite it all fans were still out supporting the Huskers.

With traditions that have been upheld rain or shine, day or night and win or lose.

“We’ve always had a large tailgate and it’s just kind of grown from year after year after year. We keep adding things and it just gets bigger and more fun,” Lundin said. 

It’s an atmosphere that brings in even the most unlikely fans. Including some all the way from Oxford, England

“We’re on holiday for three weeks and our friend brought us to a football match cause we’ve never been here before,” Fal Dandridge said.

As for what they are expecting as they enter Memorial Stadium into a sea of red?

“It’s going to be huge basically, we’re going to have a big huge time,” Paul Dandridge said. 

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