‘It looked like a movie’: Tornado twists bleachers at southeast Nebraska ball field

PAWNEE CITY, Neb. (KLKN) – What was supposed to be a night of baseball for Pawnee City and Falls City teams turned into a night of twisters.

On Friday, an EF-1 tornado was on the ground for just over 3 miles.

It brought peak winds of 90 mph to a ball field on the outskirts of Pawnee City, canceling baseball for the night.

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It was Rob Kosiski’s call, as president of the Pawnee City Ball Association, to cancel.

“We were supposed to play (Falls City) actually when the storms came through,” Kosiski said. “And the coach there contacted me and my wife, wondering if we needed a hand to clean up. … We’re grateful for all the people around the community to step in and clean up when there’s something that happens.”

Kosiski canceled the games just in time.

Otherwise, he said, 150 people would have been gathered in the open area with nowhere to go.

“Luckily, we canceled those games, and there was nobody here for anybody to get injured,” Kosiski said.

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Mark Sunneberg had front-row seats to the twister from his house.

He then went to check out the damage to the ball fields after the storm passed.

Kosiski knew they had to start picking up for games to happen the following days.

There were several things out of order and destroyed when they arrived.

The backstop, banners, fencing, dugout, bleachers and picnic shelter were all either ripped, stripped or bent out of shape.

Those bleachers were brand-new.

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The estimated damage was over $10,000 with debris stuck in between the holes of the fencing.

“There was dirt and corn stalks in the outfield fence,” Kosiski said. “It looked like a movie almost. But we filled about six trash bags just cleaning the fence out to make it look nice.”

And Falls City later saw a tornado itself.

Just outside of town, an EF-0 caused damage to power lines, a shed and an outbuilding.

As of Wednesday, the National Weather Service says the tornado count statewide is up to 24.

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