‘It’s gone’: Eastern Nebraska farmers describe tornado’s destruction

Five twisters confirmed in Dodge and Burt Counties alone

HOOPER, Neb. (KLKN) – Just in Dodge and Burt Counties alone, five tornadoes have been confirmed in eastern Nebraska as of Monday.

Three of the Friday twisters were ranked EF-2, stripping many people’s livelihoods as they came through.

When one tornado was at its maximum width of about a mile, it swept through two farmsteads.

One had been in Steve Langemeier’s families for his entire life.

“It’s gone, Scott, it’s gone,” Langemeier said to his son at first sight.

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Both rushed to see what was left of the property, which was home to so many memories.

“It’s my pride and joy,” Scott Langemeier said. “The shops here, our farm, it’s our empire.”

But it didn’t take long for them to lose everything.

“I just seen it — gone,” Scott said. “Just everything our couple of generations have built and worked for, gone in I don’t know, a minute.”

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Todd and Reanne Meyer live a little bit up the road.

Their farm, too, had been in the family for generations.

Todd Meyer and his brother Chris both work for the Scribner Fire Department.

Both lived and breathed everything that went into the farm.

“It’s just hard to see,” Chris Meyer said. “You know, we’ve had so many people say that they can’t believe the old hay barn is gone. We had a hay swing up there that everybody’s friends and every kid in the neighborhood grew up loving.”

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But the hay swing wasn’t the only thing the Meyer family lost in the tornado.

Feed for hogs, a machine shed and “all the outbuildings” blew away, Chris said.

“There are grain bins that don’t have roofs,” he said. “But fortunately, the house is repairable and everyone’s OK.”

One thing both families are thankful for: so many hands from all over that came to help.

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