‘It’s a little cold’: Georgia Tech transfer Jeff Sims adapts to Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Husker quarterback Jeff Sims, a transfer from Georgia Tech, has been able to acclimate to a new team, but not quite to Nebraska’s weather.

“You know, it’s a little cold out there,” he said Tuesday.

Sims sees the cold as an opportunity to show that the Huskers can handle being in “tough situations.”

“Just being out there and fighting through it is something that builds toughness in us and changes our mindsets,” Sims said.

Despite the initial shock, Sims has been able to handle the oscillating Nebraska weather, which is far different from Atlanta’s climate.

Before coming to Nebraska, Sims spent three seasons at Georgia Tech, where he started in 23 games and put up over 5,500 yards of total offense.

Now the Florida native is hoping to make an impact in Nebraska’s quarterback room, which features last year’s starters: Casey Thompson, Chubba Purdy and Logan Smothers.

Thompson, who has the most experience in the QB room, has been limited at practice due to an injury.

But Sims said that injury isn’t stopping Thompson from showing up every day, watching film and helping out.

“He’s definitely a natural-born leader,” Sims said. “His biggest goal is to see everybody at their best.”

Sims said he’s also always going to be a leader, especially as a quarterback.

“My biggest thing was just to get acclimated as fast as I could and just build relationships on the team and talk to people,” he said.

And so far, Nebraska’s offense has been clicking, and Sims said the Huskers go out every day and fight.

“We don’t complain; we don’t pout,” he said. “We just go out there and do it.”

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