‘It’s on me’: Mickey Joseph takes blame for Nebraska’s loss to Oklahoma

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Mickey Joseph’s first test as Nebraska’s interim head coach was a big one.

For the first time in 13 years, Oklahoma came to Memorial Stadium on Saturday to face the Huskers in an age-old rivalry game.

And this time around, things looked a lot different, as Oklahoma cruised to a 49-14 victory over Nebraska.

In his postgame press conference, Joseph took full accountability for the team’s performance.

“This is on me, not my players, not my assistant coaches,” he said. “I have to do a better job, and I will. I guess I did not do enough last week to get them ready.”

A few players commented on Joseph’s ownership of the loss, disagreeing with his role in it.

“That’s what he is supposed to say,” sophomore safety Myles Farmer said. “As a team, we all know it isn’t on him; he isn’t on the field. It wasn’t on him. That’s the message he wanted to give, but as a team, we know it’s on us.”

Senior tight end Travis Vokolek said, “We all know that the players were the ones out there making plays. We’re the ones out there playing each down, so it’s on us, and we’ll take responsibility for that.”

The defense continued to be a problem for the Huskers, as they gave up 580 yards of offense on Saturday.

“We have to be in our gap, and we have to tackle,” Joseph said. “It is simple. You have to be in your gap, and you have to tackle, and it was not there today.”

Joseph previously said they were prioritizing tackling much more in practice last week, but after the loss, he wants to do more.

“We have to continue to tackle,” Joseph said. “I did not do enough tackling, and I have to do more. I have to get them better in that part.

Captain Nick Henrich said Joseph’s prep throughout the week was good and that the whole team needs to be on the same page as him.

“I think coach Joseph did an incredible job this week,” he said. “We are the ones playing the game, so we have to buy into what he says and continue to work and believe in him. I know this team believes in him.”

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