UPDATE: Jessica Brandon murder suspects indicted by grand jury

Pictured from left to right: Dante Williams, Damon Williams, and Tawhyne Patterson Photos provided by the Lincoln Police Department



Dante and Damon Williams and Tawhyne Patterson, the three suspects in Jessica Brandon’s murder case, are going to federal court.

They face charges of murder using a firearm and interference with commerce by robbery.

The three are accused of breaking into Jessica’s home in the Belmont area on July 31st, the night she was killed.

Prosecutors said Jessica’s boyfriend, Michael Robertson, was a known drug dealer and that the three suspects broke into the home wanting to get away with cash and drugs.

Local law enforcement had already said the break in was not a random act.

An FBI agent said evidence tying the three to the crime includes surveillance video from the night of Jessica’s death, witnesses inside the home ID’ing the three and Dante Williams’ DNA being on a piece of tape recovered from her home.

Prosecutors wouldn’t say who they think fired the shot that killed Jessica, but they’re seeking the death penalty for the three men.

At a hearing in early January, defense attorneys questioned whether this case should be in federal court, saying no drugs or money were taken.

The suspects are due back in court in the next few weeks.


A federal grand jury has indicted three men in the shooting death of a Lincoln mother. 

Court documents filed Wednesday accuse Tawhyne Patterson, Dante Williams, and Damon Williams of fatally shooting 36-year-old Jessica Brandon during an attempted robbery at a home in north Lincoln on July 31. 

The three men appeared in federal court earlier this month for a preliminary hearing. 

Prosecutors say they broke into the house Brandon shared with her boyfriend, Michael Robertson, attempting to steal drugs and cash from Robertson. 

When Lincoln Police arrived at the home, Robertson led them to where Brandon lay unresponsive at the bottom of the basement stairs, bleeding from a gunshot wound in her shoulder.


Bullet holes and graze marks covered the walls and shell casings littered the staircase leading down to the basement.

In addition to Robertson and Brandon, four girls, all under the age of 16, and one 61 year old woman were also home at the time of the shooting, some of whom were bound with zip ties and duct tape by the suspects.

Victims say the suspects were all carrying flashlights and guns, and wearing black, with their faces covered below the eyes. 


According to the affidavit, the suspects yelled “LPD” before breaking down the door of Brandon’s home.

Surveillance footage from a security camera on the front of the home and information from informants lead to the arrest of Dante Williams, his brother Damon Williams, and Patterson.

Dante Williams told one informant that there was supposed to be $250,000 in a safe in the home, and the robbery “went south” after they encountered all of the people inside of the house.


Police are still searching for a fourth suspect in an attempted robbery on Brandon’s home the night before her murder, also caught on surveillance video outside the home.


Michael Robertson, was arrested on August 13 on drug charges.

Surveillance video shows Robertson hiding marijuana, THC edibles, and $85,000 in drug money in a shed before police arrived the night of Jessica’s murder. 



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