Lancaster county awards Lincoln sports complex with grant to renovate youth soccer fields

Great news for youth sports in Lincoln.

On Tuesday, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners awarded a fund grant of $87,240 to the Lincoln Sports Foundation, known as LSF.

It’s for the renovation of its outside soccer fields.

Dan Lesoing, president of LSF, says this will have an impact on soccer players of all ages.

“They range from, anywhere from toddlers all the way through high school. We also have adult leagues out here, so basically, every age that is playing soccer right now, is utilizing our fields,” said Lesoing.

Lesoing says the total cost to renovate all 11 soccer fields will be about $175,000.

The Lincoln Sports Foundation will pay for the rest.

But the good news doesn’t stop there, someone donated $650,000 to help with other renovations inside of the complex.

“The bathroom renovation, the lobby renovation, new lighting in the quadrants, new HVAC in the lobby and restroom areas. We have an estimated cost of about $850,000, and we’re about two thirds there with the anonymous donation,” said Lesoing.

As for the soccer fields, Lesoing says it takes constant maintenance to keep these grass playing fields up to par.

“We’re starting the renovations next week and we anticipate that they are going to be up and running so we can have tournaments in the spring,” said Lesoing.

He believes the renovations will attract regional tournaments to come to Lincoln.

He also wants to let people know, the sports complex is changing for the better.

“I’d invite everybody to, if you used to drive out to the complex, drive out again, and take a look, because daily, something is going on every day out here to make this place better,” said Lesoing.

Lesoing says he’s already scheduled a few soccer tournaments for the spring of 2020, and he’s looking to add even more.

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