League of Municipalities unite Nebraska leaders from all around

Almost all of the 529 communities in the state were hit by some kind of a disaster this year.

So as a preventative measure, leaders from each community gather twice a year in Lincoln to learn about how to combat environmental problems they may face and hos to maximize funding for their communities.

“I think one of the hot topics this year is working with NEMA, with flooding recovery, USDA is here,” FES Brand Marketing and vendor at the event, Dan Kunzman said. 

“I sat in on a meeting this morning with Nebraska emergency management and learned some of the procedures that will help me, my community in the future, as far as doing the right things to acquire funding from the federal government for our disaster,” President-Elect of the League of Nebraska Municipalities and Mayor of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Paul Lambert said. 

The seminars keep them up to date on new laws.

It’s a good way to exchange ideas on how to combat industrial and structural problems within their own communities, looking at how each one handles certain disasters.

“My community, we’re still, we do have our water plant in operation, but our wastewater plant is still under water and we are fighting the flood from March,” Lambert said. 

The majority of Nebraska communities contain populations under 3,000, so they usually need all the help they can get.

“With limited resources and limited manpower, we need to work together, and the league provides a great opportunity for education and just networking, as I said, working together and solving problems for our states and our communities,” Lambert said.

“These folks are all volunteering their time, some missing work, to come and spend a few days in Lincoln to become better at their civic job,” Kunzman said. 

Vendors at the event represented major energy and technology companies that could provide their background and expertise on the issues discussed.

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