LES heads to Florida for anticipated Hurricane Dorian restoration efforts

Just after 8 this morning a caravan of workers headed out to help out.

14 workers in 8 trucks departed from Lincoln to provide disaster restoration in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

 “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” LES Utility Lineman of 3.5 years, David Jimenez said. 

LES teamed up with crews from Grand Island Utilities for a long journey to New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

The team will be providing a special kind of disaster restoration after Hurricane Dorian hits the East Coast.

“People we are sending to Florida are all first–class line technicians or crew leaders. They’ve had several years of experience. We don’t know what we’re gonna run into, but I’m confident they’re prepared to deal with whatever they find in the area,” LES Vice President of Energy Delivery, Dan Pudenz said. 

Jimenez says it’s his first time going to a natural disaster like this and he hopes to gain experience that can apply to his work back in Lincoln.

“Excited, a little nervous. Like I said, it’s my first time going on storm duty, so,” Jimenez said. 

When they get to the area, they will go under the instruction of a host utility, and all together work as one.

“We anticipate that if something happened to us, they’d be here for us as well,” Pudenz said. 

They are expecting to work even 16 hour days.

“Along the whole time, safety will be a primary issue and they will be following our safety rules,” Pudenz said. 

“Just follow safety procedures that we do here and apply them down there,” Jimenez said. 

No doubt, they’ll be busy.

“Poles that get knocked down, wires that get pulled down. Sometimes ground mounted equipment gets flooded. They will help replace that stuff. So whatever is needed to help replace the electric infrastructure, they’ll get involved in,” Pudenz said. 

The bottom line is to get those people back to normal.

“You turn the lights back on and you see everybody’s faces and it’s a good feeling,” Jimenez said. 


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