LFR hosts Amnesty Day for people to turn in unwanted fireworks

No penalty if you voluntarily turn over illegal fireworks

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – After everyone had their fill of fun for the Fourth of July, Lincoln Fire & Rescue hosted its annual Amnesty Day for unwanted fireworks.

The collection event took place at Oak Lake Park in Lincoln.

It was for people to bring both legal and illegal fireworks to be properly disposed of by fire officials.

Chief Fire Inspector Bill Moody said LFR had a great response.

“We’ve had a very good turnout this year, and the majority of people that have had them in their homes for a number of years, leftover from children or something like that, so they’re quite aged,” he said. “You know, photoflash powder, which is in fireworks, never loses its sensitivity, so it always has the potential to ignite or go off.  So it’s just good that people, especially the older stuff, get it out of their homes.”

LFR will either incinerate the fireworks or use secondary charges to blow them up.

If you missed the collection event, Moody said you can still have your legal and illegal fireworks safely discarded without penalty by calling the fire prevention bureau at City Hall.

Fire personnel will come to your home to pick them up and dispose of them properly.

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