Light precipitation on Wednesday; Higher chances overnight

UPDATE – 12 p.m. Wednesday:

Some of the more recent versions of Stormcast are suggesting more enhanced precipitation rates in southeast Nebraska on Thursday compared to prior runs. In that scenario, more snowflake melt would quickly cool the low levels, allowing for a quicker change to snow. This would yield a snowier solution.

As a result, this is a fairly tricky snow forecast. Make sure to tune into Chief Meteorologist Rusty Dawkins at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. Wednesday on Channel 8 for the next update.


If you were unable to see any of the patchy light rain and drizzle on Tuesday night, you’ll have another opportunity on Wednesday. As of Wednesday morning, many in southeast Nebraska are experiencing drizzle.

Scattered drizzle will remain possible all day on Wednesday in eastern Nebraska. We’re looking at temperatures above freezing during the day in Lincoln. As a result, Lincoln will likely be dealing with precipitation mostly in liquid form.

Wednesday Forecast

With temperatures closer to freezing for areas farther west, freezing drizzle may be a possibility. Overall ice accrual would be very light. For that matter, liquid-equivalent totals won’t be very high through Wednesday evening either.

Stormcast Precipitation Accumulation

Precipitation chances ramp up overnight and into Thursday morning. This period of time serves as the best opportunity to see more substantial precipitation. We’re looking at snow to the north and rain to the south, with a rain/snow mix region in between. Lincoln will find itself pretty close to this transition zone.

Both rain and snow will be possible in Lincoln on Thursday morning. There’s also a chance that the precipitation type may transition back and forth at times.

Stormcast Thursday Morning

As far as snow totals are concerned, southern Nebraska likely won’t see a whole lot given the mixed precipitation potential. Totals will probably be under 1″ for much of the area, including Lincoln. A couple of inches will be a better possibility to the north.

Snow Forecast

As is the case with any snow chance, some areas may receive locally higher amounts.

Things will start to dry out by Thursday night, setting us up for a drier Friday. Temperatures will remain cool, however, with highs in the 40s on Friday and over the weekend.

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