Lincoln breweries celebrate Craft Beer Week, say there’s no CO2 shortage here

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A carbon dioxide shortage could impact breweries across the United States, according to NPR.

But Channel 8 spoke with local brewers, who say it is nothing to worry about.

No shortages are affecting breweries in Lincoln, but small shortages are being seen along the East Coast. according to experts.

Instead, brewers are celebrating Craft Beer Week starting Monday and say this means positive things for the community.

“We all went through the pandemic together, but some of the supply chain challenges and getting people back into different breweries and institutions in the community, it’s gone a little slower than I think we’d hoped,” said Jeff Maul, executive director and vice president of the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau. “But I think most people are responding well to it. Our visitors from outside, our community loves Craft Beer Week because it gives them something a bit different to do on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the weekend gets going.”

With 14 local breweries serving beer and cider, there will be many events around town to explore over the next week.

The event is new this year, replacing the Lincoln Craft Beer Tour started in 2017.

The tour used to exclusively have beer, but the event expanded to include cider, distillates and wines in 2021.

“Lincoln Craft Beer Week is more than just a conversation you would have with someone in a coffee shop or over lunch,” Maul said. “This is an opportunity for our industry — tourism — the breweries and the people that put the beer together to get on the rooftops of their community and shout their story.”

Organizers through the visitors bureau say this transition to Craft Beer Week will keep the focus on local establishments by allowing them to host events that best highlight their spaces.

“These beer weeks are nice because, you know, every week is beer week when you own a brewery,” said Sam Riggins, owner of Cosmic Eye Brewing. “And getting the public aware and kind of maybe back out if they haven’t been out for a while to check out other breweries. It’s always cool to have the whole town lit up and aware of it.”

This week is designed to give participants a way to learn about the beers being made here in Lincoln, along with the stories behind each local venue.

You can be a part of the events scheduled through Sunday. Find more details at

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