Lincoln cemetery vandalized

The Treat family of Lincoln found out that their loved ones head stone was vandalized.

Someone smashed a picture, dug up a memorial plaque and destroyed two stone lion statues.

This all happened at the Wyuka cemetery near 37th and O streets in Lincoln, and police only know that it was done sometime since September 11th.

For Wyuka Funeral Home and Cemetery, something like is pretty rare.

“Well you know we have about 160 acres here, Pierce, and for the size and the security that we have on the ground it’s just something that doesn’t happen very often,” says Mike Williams the Wyuka Funeral Director.

When it comes to the Treat family though, with this happening to them it can be extremely emotional.

“They’re pretty upset you know they were just getting ready to close on their parents house and get that going so they have all the memories boxed up and then something like this happens they get a call from the cemetery where their parents are you know it’s pretty emotional,” added Williams.

In order to stop things like this, Mike wants the people who visit to be vigilant while in the cemetery.

“Well if their regular visitors to Wyuka you know when their here if they could just kinda keep their head looking around, they’ll know if somebody doesn’t belong here. You know if there’s a group of adolescents walking in the cemetery you know they probably shouldn’t be in the cemetery,” said Williams.

The family says they don’t know who could have done this, but if you know anything police are asking you to call Crime stoppers at 402-475-3600

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