Lincoln CHI Health Center lights up pink for breast cancer awareness month

 CHI Health ST. Elizabeth kicked off their ‘Celebration of Life’ event Tuesday evening.

Every October, the hospital lights up pink to honor those affected by breast cancer.

Around 85 breast cancer survivors had the opportunity to attend a formal dinner and inspirational program on the lower level of the hospital.

Kathy Bressler, who is the Chief Operating Officer for CHI Health as well as a breast cancer survivor, spoke of her emotions surrounding the event. 

“I’m excited because I feel like a lot of messages women get about cancer are negative and so I really feel like my roll in having had the opportunity to have breast cancer is to be able to give a positive message and really keep their spirits up,” Bressler said.

After the dinner, the once golden lights of the hospital turned pink, and will remain that way for the entire month of October.

The next breast cancer awareness event will take place Oct. 18, 2019.

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