Lincoln Children’s Museum has a summer of fun planned

The entire summer is full of week-long camps to keep kids busy and learning.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln Children’s Museum has a few ways to keep kid’s minds growing through the summer, even without school in session. They have special exhibits for the summer, and a few special events planned for later on.

For now, though, they’ve got a series of week-long camps to keep kid’s creative juices flowing.

“I think every camp has one to two spots left”, says Aftan Reinsch with the Children’s Museum. “If you’re looking for a spot for a kiddo over the summer or your kids have some really focused interests, take a peek at our themes and sign up before they’re gone.”

Some of those themes include water, sharks, and making a mess. Most recently, the Children’s Museum took on Superhero Week, and one of their activities is a pretty good indication of what the summer holds. Kids made a special superhero armor, of their own design, to cradle eggs on a long fall from the balcony to the sidewalk below. Of the four eggs that took the plunge, half survived. The other two had a bit of a hard landing.

“Camp is so important from a standpoint of keeping them in a routine, helping them learn, helping them play”, explains Reinsch. “We know that in early childhood development, that play portion of that is so important, so keeping that in mind as they come to camp is very important.”

If you want to get in on the camps while there’s still time, check out the camps page on the Lincoln Children’s Museum website.

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