Lincoln Children’s Zoo completes its largest expansion in history

After years of work and gathering donations throughout the city, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo completed the biggest expansion in its history.

“This is like no other zoo in the world, this is your Lincoln Children’s zoo ladies and gentleman,” John Chapo the CEO of the Lincoln Children’s Zoo said.

Hundreds of people gathered to be there for the very first day for the expansion, which includes a feed the giraffe’s experience, a new tiger encounter, a jungle gym that lets you swing the monkeys, and a red panda conservation center.

For Sue Brouse who is the granddaughter of the founder for the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, seeing all of these families enjoying the brand new expansion makes her very excited. 

“If our grandfather could be back today and see it he would be so impressed, and it’s beyond everybody’s wildest dreams,” Sue Brouse said.

With this expansion, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo is going to be open year round, and they are open every day at 10 a.m. 

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