Lincoln Crime Stoppers: A slow-speed crash and some suspicious behavior

The title says it all on this one. Two cases, two different kinds of weird.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – What a week we have lined up for you this time! We’re first treated to video evidence, always a welcome surprise, and then we have a shoplifting case that shows some real commitment.

We start a few days ago, in the evening hours of August 12. As we look out on the 900 block of Butler Avenue, a car slowly moves into frame. The driver slowly moves towards the center to avoid a parked car and continues drifting to the left until he comes to a gentle, but sudden stop, head-on with a different parked car.

You can almost feel the driver’s confusion as he stops, takes stock of the situation, and then backs away and leaves. Naturally, the suspect did not leave any insurance details, so if you recognize this vehicle, get in touch with LPD.

Case number 2 comes to us from a bit further back, on June 6th. The loss prevention team at the North 27th Street Walmart location noticed a man doing his normal shopping, except his manner of shopping was anything but.

According to employees, the man started trying on clothes in the middle of the aisle, and grabbed a few other items on his way out of the store, but never stopped to pay. Loss prevention stopped him once he got out the door and got some things back, but the clothes he’d tried on remained on him as he took off on his bicycle.

Do you recognize these suspects, or do you know something about another one of LPD’s cases? Check out the Lincoln Crime Stoppers website to see if you can help.

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