Lincoln Crime Stoppers: A very small theft and a very large theft

One item fits in a pocket. The other takes a truck to move. What are they? Read on.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – This week’s pair of Lincoln Crime Stoppers cases are both from this year and involve some stolen items that ought to get back home.

The most recent case is May 17th. For this one, we go to the Shell station at 2700 South Street. The victim says he left his cell phone next to the register inside, but when he went back to get it, it had disappeared. Luckily, video shows a woman walk to the register, spot the phone, and put it in her pocket. The video also shows the car the woman came in. She’s wearing a red Nebraska jacket with dark pants, and she’s riding in a dark colored minivan.

The second case of the week is a little further back, on March 3rd. This speedy snatching happened at 5600 Cornhusker Highway. In the photos, you can see a dark Ford Escape pull up to a 2-wheel towing dolly. The driver hops out, hooks it up, and drives off.

In either of these cases, you can visit the Lincoln Crime Stoppers website to leave a tip if you’ve got any idea of who the suspects may be.

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