Lincoln Crime Stoppers: Bold bandits

Depending on how you look at it, we cover two or nine crimes this week.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – To start this week’s edition of Crime Stoppers, we take a look at three suspects involved in at least eight different cases. All three are believed to be involved in the string of credit card fraud and theft around the area.

Police say one of the trio will approach a victim and distract them while the others grab purses, wallets, or cards from the victim’s cart or vehicle. There are eight confirmed cases of this happening thus far.

Our second (or ninth) case of the week happened on September 24, in the 200 block of North 24th Street. Doorbell camera video shows a suspect walking right into the victim’s unlocked home. Once he’s inside, the suspect snatches some keys from a table and leaves. He then comes back in and peeks inside the garage. Police think the suspect may have been trying to find a car that matched the keys. The victim had stepped out for just a moment to walk their dog when the suspect came inside.

If you think you have any leads in connection to these four suspects, have a look at the Lincoln Crime Stoppers website.

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