Lincoln Crime Stoppers: Crimes with varying success

This week we have one suspect who was successful, and a pair who were not, although they still made a mess.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Starting on June 15th of 2021, our first crime was a successful one. A man is caught on camera going into the Barnes & Noble store before heading back to the Lego area. Employees say the man grabbed two big Lego kits and made his way up to the registers. However, they say that after hanging around for a short time, the man ran out without paying.

Not all crimes are successful, however, like our second one of the week. This happened on July 26th of this year. Video from the Tornado Car Wash at 8350 Leighton Avenue shows a pair of men snooping around the lot at night. You can see them pull hammers out of a bag and try to break into the cash machines. Apparently, those machines are built tough, because the men weren’t able to get into the machines. That said, they still did around $1000 in damage, according to LPD.

As always, check out the Lincoln Crime Stoppers website to submit information about these cases, and check out other open cases.

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