Lincoln Crime Stoppers: Listen up!

The theme this week is listening. Confused? Read on!

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Both Lincoln Crime Stoppers cases for the week come to us from the past couple of months.

Starting on June 27th, we have a bad situation made even worse by thieves. The victim says the back doors of his car don’t lock, so when he parked at Gateway Mall, he was a prime target. More specifically, his daughter’s purse inside the car was a prime target. According to the victim, Air Pod earphones and some other items were in the purse, which was missing from the car when the victim returned. Although the purse showed up nearby, it was missing some items, and two men show up in photos carrying a black purse. These two are suspected of pulling the purse from the car.

The second case of the week occurred on July 5th. The victim reports setting her phone down at the Casey’s on North 70th Street, and forgetting it in a rush. A few customers let the phone be until one of them decided to grab the phone. The man is shown on video pocketing the cell phone before leaving the store.

So whether it’s earphones or cell phones, listen up! Do those descriptions sound familiar, or do you recognize the suspects in the photos? If you do, let LPD know! And while you’re at it, check out the Crime Stoppers website to see other cases they need some help with.


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