Lincoln Crime Stoppers: “The ‘eyes’ have it” and bad lessons

One of these suspects is memorable. One of them is questionable. Both are being looked for.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – This week we have a pair of relatively recent cases. First, we go to June 23rd. This incident happened at the Super Saver on North 48th Street. For this one, you just have to see the picture. A woman with very distinctive eye accoutrements is seen on video searching for that perfect item in the alcohol aisle. That lucky bottle would be filled with tequila, and as the video shows, it would end up in the woman’s cheetah print purse. It would also stay in that purse past the checkout counter, and out the door.

A few days prior, on June 17th, A Street Market was the scene for our second case of the week. A woman comes into the store with her young son. She is seen making a number of selections, but only some of them make their way to her cart. The rest wind up in her purse. Naturally, these purse-bound items remain there until the suspect leaves the store in a black Toyota van.

In either of these cases, Lincoln Crime Stoppers would love to know if you have any information. You can check out these cases, and many more, on their website.

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