Lincoln Crime Stoppers: Time to talk tools

Wait, is it "talk tools" or "take tools"? No matter, this week's edition of Lincoln Crime Stoppers involves a couple big losses.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – We don’t have to go back very far for either of this week’s cases. Starting just a couple of weeks ago, on September 16th, we have the first of our tool-related incidents.

This first case takes us to the 6800 block of Seward Avenue. The victim was able to provide excellent pictures of the suspect who broke into his home workshop thanks to some newly installed cameras. Unfortunately, an alarm was not installed at the same time. The suspect grabbed an estimated $2500 in tools and other items before calling it quits.

Our second case dates back to August 30th, in the 1100 block of Thunder Bay. This incident can serve as a reminder for all of us to keep safety in mind when we’re working around the house. For example, the victim was working in the backyard and left the garage door open.

Before long, a suspect arrives in a silver sedan, walks into the garage, takes a tote of pneumatic tools, then walks back out. Video footage shows the suspect walk between their car and the house three times.

To avoid a similar situation, don’t forget to keep your front doors and garage doors closed and locked if you’re not able to keep an eye on them, even if you’re just in the backyard.

If you think you might have information about either of these cases, drop by the Lincoln Crime Stoppers website to fill them in.

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