Lincoln Crime Stoppers: Two odd cases

This week we talk about a strange item to steal, and a case where something was given away.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – This is a strange week for Lincoln Crime Stoppers. We’re highlighting a pair of cases that are odd in their own way.

On June 13th, employees at Russ’s Market noticed a shopper with a full cart pull up to the register. They say she paid for everything, save one item. According to the workers, a package of spicy tuna roll sushi kept getting moved around the cart as the woman tried to hide it. The checkout process eventually finished, but the sushi was never paid for.

Our second case, from May 8th, is the opposite of the usual. This time, a person gave an item away. Family & Implant Dentistry suddenly wound up with some new furniture when a suspect pulled up in their old truck and dropped off a couch. Although the donation was generous, it’s against the law to dump your trash in someone else’s lot.

If you think you have a tip in either of these cases, let LPD know at the Lincoln Crime Stoppers website.

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