Lincoln dispatch debuts new technology designed to find 9-1-1 callers


There’s a seamless partnership of those on the front line and those behind the phones.

Just a matter of seconds can change a life.

A new computer system called Rapid SOS is significantly cutting down that response time.

“We get a call and dispatch will answer and they don’t know we’re they’re at. That Rapid SOS gives them some good details, they can dial us in we can make a quick response to them,” firefighter Joel Johnson. 

The computer system takes the 9–1–1 callers phone number and is able to pin point their location almost exactly.

Both Lincoln dispatch says location is the most important aspect.

“Basically location is everything that we do here, if I don’t have a location, I cannot send a response. If all you can do is scream something on the phone, scream your location on the phone,” Mark Murphy said. 

Being able to locate the caller within meters eliminates barriers such as people not knowing where they are or even a caller unable to speak.

“Dispatch will maybe hear some breathing and they can’t say anything or they do drop a call that’ll have the last known location we can get on the way have a couple units there and we can go knock on some doors,” Johnson said. 

The technology is so advanced it can also sense the callers movement and update accordingly.

“The faster it’s moving the faster it updates. If it’s stationary it’s pulling it every 20 seconds, 30 seconds but if it determines that it’s moving again it will speed up the updates,” Murphy said. 

Both departments said this advancement is going to dramatically save lives and get first responders out the door faster.

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