Lincoln gives more than support to wounded officer

Hundreds of people donated blood on Thursday, and some to help save the life of an officer.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — LPD asked for Lincoln’s help, and they delivered.

Thursday afternoon, Lincoln police held a press conference, updating the community on Wednesday’s standoff and the condition of the officer shot.

Unfortunately, the officer, identified as Mario Herrera, is still in critical condition. He was shot in the torso while wearing plain clothes, so he was not equipped with protective equipment. After being rushed to the hospital, he underwent multiple surgeries and blood transfusions. Due to the number of blood transfusions needed, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s supply was running low.

LPD put out a statement, asking for citizen’s help in donating more blood. About ninety minutes after this call to action, the Blood Bank said they had already received 136 donations, plus over 130 appointments were made throughout the week.

This is something that doesn’t happen in Lincoln, like some other cities,” donor Scott Larson said. “I guess I wanted to do something to be able to help the community.”

Megan Skradis is an emergency trauma nurse. She works closely with the Lincoln Police Department. Skradis is also a friend of Herrera.

“He is one of the kindest, kindhearted, down to business people I’ve ever met,” Skradis said. “He always had a smile on his face. He was always willing to help another person. Overall, a great person.”

If you’re interested in donating, you should make an appointment on the Nebraska Community Blood Bank.


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