Lincoln kids learn what it takes to be a firefighter

Posted By: Rachael Miner

Using chainsaws and climbing fire ladders are not your usual summer camp activities, but camp Fahrenheit is anything but typical.

"We were doing sections like cutting squares in the roof and everything. Trying to make a hole so the smoke can get out and so the fire can just smoke up," said Dallis Merrill, a camp participant. 

Lincoln Fire and Rescue teamed up with the Cornhusker Council of the Coy Scouts to host the camp at their post in Lincoln.

The two day free event gave kids from five to twenty-one the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a firefighter.

The older kids got to use a chainsaw to cut holes in a roof to vent a fire, pry a door open, and suit up in fire gear.

“It’s hot and uncomfortable and you want to take a break but you can’t,” Merrill said.

Younger kids got to play games, get inside a fire truck, and climb the trucks ladder, which showed some just how hard it is to be a firefighter.

"They have to do that every day except they have to fight real fires and do this for real life. Up there they just don’t get to go down by themselves, sometimes they have to carry people down by themselves. For me it’s just a struggle getting down and up, but they can do it very well," camper Carsen Engler said. 

Despite the difficulties LFR faces on the job, they wanted to show everyone how fun and rewarding a career in the fire department is and maybe inspire some to follow in their footsteps.

"No matter how small you are, big you are, tall you are, no matter what gender you are I hope they can take away from this that anybody can do this job as long as you have some dedication to it then you can do it," said Ashley Engler, an LFR paramedic and firefighter.

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