Lincoln man arrested after causing disturbance, threatening LPD officer

Police arrested 26-year-old Cameron Collier after he was yelling profanities and threatened an officer.

Lincoln Police arrested 26-year-old Cameron Collier Monday afternoon after causing a disturbance and threatening a police officer.

Police responded to the area of 16th and ‘D’ Streets Monday afternoon after reports of a man yelling profanities outside, disturbing his neighbors. Police say this was the second time police had been called to the area because of Collier that day.

Officers asked Collier to stop yelling and cursing, however, he continued his behavior. While attempting to arrest him for disturbing the peace, Collier attempted to run back into his apartment, dragging an officer behind him. Once inside, the officer and Collier fell onto a couch, and Collier began to say he was getting his knife and he was going to kill the officer.

Officers observed a knife in Collier’s pocket and he continued to struggle with police and threaten officers.

More officers arrived and were able to take the knife and arrest Collier for attempted second degree assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. No one was injured.

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