Lincoln man creates hand-made train exhibit

I had a little set like this when my kids were little and it seemed like a good idea," Foley tells Channel 8. "Now I'm questioning it. It's become kind of an obsession."

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — When you step inside Chuck Foley’s warehouse in North Lincoln, you might as well take a trip inside his imagination.

“I had a little set like this when my kids were little and it seemed like a good idea,” Foley tells Channel 8. “Now I’m questioning it. It’s become kind of an obsession.”

The scenery of his automotive wonderland spreads across the warehouse where Foley ran his sign business, “Foley Signs,” for decades.

He proudly points out hundreds or maybe even thousands of hand-made trees as he shows off his project. He also pays homage to a lost cat, Lee’s Chicken restaurant in Lincoln and even a tour bus for his band, “Pizza Delivery Guys,” that he plays in with his son and grandson.

“It gives me something to do and keeps me from watching TV all the time instead of getting up and moving around.”

That’s something Foley has thought of more in recent years after being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer back in 2014.

“It was supposed to be terminal,” Foley said. “It didn’t kill me but it sure tried.”

He’s been in remission now since 2015. Foley still hasn’t been the same since the diagnosis, but the trains keep him active.

“It’s kind of relaxing,” Foley said. “The sounds they make and the frustration I get when they come off the track.”

Even though the train exhibit has become a bit of an obsession over the years. And Foley has now into five figures when it comes to how much he’s invested into it.

“It’s actually kind of embarrassing how much I’ve invested in this,” Foley said.

Chuck said he still isn’t done yet and he wants everyone to come check out his pride and joy.

Just give him a call at 402-613-2792 to set up an appointment and see this automotive wonderland.

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