Lincoln man critically injured in weekend accident at Eagle Raceway

A horrific and terrifying situation unfolded Saturday night at Eagle Raceway when one of the drivers realized his acceleration throttle was stuck.

In an instant, the car went airborne, and smashed into a line of vehicles parked nearby, injuring three men.

Justin Vanderharr, a pit crew member volunteering for Adam Gullion, got the worst of it.  He was trapped underneath the car.

He has spent the last few days in a medically induced coma, waiting for brain swelling to go down.

“It’s not supposed to be him. After volunteering his time to come out and help his buddy, especially a week after he got married,” said Gullion.

Gullion and Vanderharr are very close.

Gullion says he’s overcome with guilt about what happened to his buddy.

“I feel like it’s my fault a little bit, because, if I didn’t race, he wouldn’t have been there. I also feel guilty that it’s him and not me.”

Gullion does have some good news to share about Vanderharr’s condition.

“At about 4 o clock this morning, before I left the intensive care unit, he actually squeezed my hand a little bit so, for me, that was pretty big. I introduce him to people as my brother and likewise for him… So that hand squeeze was a pretty big deal for me,” said Gullion.

Vanderharr’s wife sent a photo of her husband sitting upright Monday afternoon.

Gullion says he’s also able to move some of his extremities, which is a great sign.

“The highest progress we could expect over the last few days, he’s met and exceeded, so those are all really good things,” said Gullion.

Eagle Raceway officials confirmed a malfunction kept the race car’s throttle open.

The driver will not be charged in the incident.

Gullion had a meeting with his team, and ultimately decided to continue racing, because it is what Vanderharr would have wanted.

“If he could, he would tell us to quit moping around, quit hanging our heads, and get the car back out there and compete and win again,” said Gullion.

Gullion has plans for something special this upcoming Saturday at the racetrack.

If you’d like to contribute to the Go Fund Me Page to support the Vanderharr family during this difficult time, head here:

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