Lincoln man nearly stranded in North Carolina before Hurricane Florence hit

A Lincoln native spent time in Wilmington, North Carolina just before hurricane Florence reached the coast.

Ernie Pulos was taking a vacation when he almost found himself stranded with no way home, just before the storm hit.

Pulos is a Lincoln native, but, as an avid surfer, he prefers to visit the ocean regularly.

While he was in the water on vacation with a friend, he noticed some people in need of help.

"Just as we were coming in I noticed that there were these two girls right in front of us, and I was like they are kind of far out, and then one of them yelled out sirs can you help us," said Pulos.

Pulos rescued the two girls and got them safely to shore.

Soon afterward he realized he needed to catch a flight back home, but he ran into some trouble.

"The only thing they could do was put me on one flight on Wednesday and I asked what time that was and they said 6:20 in the evening and I was very concerned about that because the airport could shutdown in the evening," said Pulos.

Pulos ended up catching the very last flight out of town before the airport was shut down. On Wednesday, he began to see the effects of the hurricane taking place.

"The island was mandatory evacuation. At 8 am Wednesday they blocked all the roads coming in and by 8 pm Wednesday night you couldn’t get out."

As the Lincoln man was coming home, the Nebraska task force was reactivated.

The group of 44 people arrived in north Carolina on the same day Pulos left.

They were deployed to help in the aftermath of the storm.

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