Lincoln mother says son was inside during Chick-fil-A shooting


Bystanders could only watch in awe and say an event like this never happens in Lincoln.

Witnesses gathered around the Chick-fil-A in south Lincoln after a customer went on a rampage and drove his pick-up into the building. 

According to a man inside, the suspect used a taser or stun gun to threaten workers and customers in the building.

He was shot by a BNSF special  agent and died on the scene after paramedics tried to revive him.

A teacher received a text from her son, who was inside at the time, and came to the site as soon as possible to make sure he was okay.

“A gentleman came in the restaurant and started throwing food and acting violent towards the other customers,” said Gretchen Monroe, concerned mother.

Her son texted her that he ran out of the building and police had him and others stand in the parking lot.

He waved to her to signal he was alive when she arrived.

“I still kind of panicked its good to see him up and walking. I’m better now that I can see him,” said Monroe.

She soon got to hug her son and was assured he was safe. Another witness says she saw a lot of police coming so she stopped to see what was going on.

“We saw them performing CPR on the man, and then we saw that the car was in the building,” said Tion Brown, a Lincoln resident. ” They (then) grabbed the white sheet to put over the body.” 

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