Lincoln mother sold pies so her son with Cerebral Palsy could live independently

A golf fundraiser at the Wilderness Ridge Country Club brought quite the crowd on Sunday.

All of the proceeds went to the Charlie Wilson Home for handi–capable young men in south Lincoln.

“He keeps the whole house laughing all the time and he’s a perfect gentleman,” Caregiver at the Charlie Wilson Home, Tanea Vasey said.

Vasey says Charlie is a pretty typical 34–year–old man, he is a husker fan and a major Miranda Lambert fan.

He made sure to do what any young adult would do, no matter his capabilities, he moved out of his mom’s house.

“I just really didn’t want to let him go, let him live away from home,” Charlie Wilson’s mom, Patty Wilson said.

That’s when Wilson came up with a Plan B, to sell her pies until she could afford an independent living home just for special people like her son.

“I started this by making pies and selling them out of the beauty salon,” Wilson said.

“She would come home late, she would bake all night and then she would go to work the next morning,” Charlie said.

Charlie’s house was completed in 2008 and is fully designed for wheel chair accessibility.

This golf fundraiser is expected to raise money for repairs and maintenance costs for the home.

“I believe the proceeds for the fundraiser go to fixing our air conditioner unit,” Vasey said.

The fundraisers make it possible for Charlie and his friends to stay.

“He loves his house, and probably the best thing I ever did was building this home for these boys,” Wilson said.

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