Lincoln pool celebrates 65 years strong


What started out as a small neighborhood pool 65 years ago, has now blossomed into a staple of the community.

“The people that sort of grew up in this area, they know about it and they bring their families back and they get to experience sort of what we have to offer here, which is lessons, a heated pool, and swim team and dive team,” Eastridge pool manager, Ryan Rieker said. 

The Eastridge pool near 56th and Randolph is celebrating 65 years strong.

In the last 30 years, they had an exceptional swim team.

The pool opened up to the rest of the Lincoln community in the 90’s and doubled in size.

Lifeguard Cassie Roberts has been a member her whole life.

“When I was 8, I actually had to get stitches here. I swam into the wall and I cut my lip open right here and so Rieker actually drove me to the hospital,” Roberts said. 

They are trying to raise 100 thousand dollars for upkeep and updates.

if you’d like to help out their cause, their website is below:

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