Lincoln TV Stations To Cease Analog Signals on February 17th

Channel 8 KLKN-TV will join with the other television stations in the Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney market and terminate its analog over-the-air operations on February 17th at 11:59pm, the date originally mandated by Congress.  Programming will continue over-the-air on KLKN-DT 8.1 and 8.2, and can be received over-the-air with the use of a digital television and antenna or with a converter box and an antenna; or via cable or satellite.

Currently, the US Congress is considering a delay in this transition date until June 12, 2009.  However, On February 17th, KLKN-TV, KHGI-TV, KTVG-TV, KSNB-TV, KOLN-TV and KGIN-TV will join other television stations in our area that have already ceased broadcasting in analog.  KHAS-TV, Hastings and the NET(Nebraska Educational Television) are currently broadcasting in digital only.

Those who are not ready for the digital conversion are encouraged to make the necessary changes so that they do not lose their TV signals.  You can find DTV conversion information on the DTV Page on this website or click on your back button.

Those who have purchased converter boxes, are encouraged to hook them up so they can be tested before the transition.  On February 18th, all digital television sets with tuners and digital converter boxes receiving signals over the air will need to be RE-SCANNED in order to pick up the new channels.  Cable and satellite subscribers will not have to rescan, unless they are receiving the local channels via an antenna.

If you have any questions or comments, you may call the 2-1-1 helpline on your telephone or you may write us at Channel 8 KLKN-TV 3240 South Tenth Street, Lincoln, NE 68502, or call us at 402-434-8000, or email us at