Lincoln’s first dog bar celebrates International Corgi Day

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Off Leash Dog Bar, which opened its doors to patrons and their pups last week, celebrated international corgi day on Sunday.

Several corgis made an appearance, along with a number of other breeds.

The bar allows entry to any dog over four months old and asks that they be up to date on vaccinations.

They also ask that you preregister your dog online and sign a waiver before entering.

Both staff and dog-owners say that so far, the bar has been a great place to bring their pets out and socialize.

Chad Petska, who owns two dachshunds and a corgi, said they’ve enjoyed coming out and spending time with all the dogs.

“It’s kind of surprising how well everyone gets along,” he said. “I love that the staff is really proactive and helps to keep the dogs calm and make sure they’re not causing any issues.”

Petska said he appreciates how quickly staff will act to break up and fights or roughhousing and keep everyone safe.

Employees at the bar are equipped with squeaky toys and treats to help get the dogs’ attention and keep them out of trouble.

They plan on having more events during weekends to highlight different dog breeds.

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