Local Boy Scout Council Donates Thousands of Dollars of Popcorn

Approximately 15,000 dollars worth of popcorn donated

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Around $15,000 of donated popcorn was handed out to “Hometown Heroes” in Lincoln.  The Cornhusker Council of the Boy Scouts of America does this every year.

During their popcorn sale fundraiser there is an option for people to donate the popcorn they are purchasing, once the fundraiser is over the Council decides where to send the donated popcorn.

In previous years they’ve donated the popcorn to service members overseas, but this year they decided to keep it a little closer to home.

This year one of the places picked to donate the popcorn was Bryan Health for the work the healthcare professionals have been doing during the pandemic.  Just to Bryan Health alone the scouts donated around $8,000 worth of popcorn.

Jason Anderson, the assistant scout executive for the Cornhusker Council, explained how much the community support means to the Council, “We have great support for scouting throughout the year, so hometown heroes is an easy way for us to give back to the community for everything they’ve done for us.”

Along with Bryan Health, they also chose LPD, LFR, and the Lancaster Sheriff’s Office to receive around $7,000 of popcorn.

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