Local farmer wins complimentary hearing aid, replaces ones he lost in the March floods

While battling the March floods, a local farmer lost his hearing aid in the rising water. Through the Beltone foundation and local audiologist, he wins a set of complimentary $8,000 hearing aids.

This local farmer from Wisner was just trying to move his equipment from getting destroyed when his hearing aids fell out.

“I never thought I’d ever have a pair of good hearing aids again,” David Metschke said. 

He has a 31 acre farm that got affected by the floods.

“It’s gonna take a long time just to get back to normal,” Metschke said. 

In the process of saving his farm equipment from the rising water, he happened to lose his $6,000 hearing aid.

“Got up on my tractor, then got it started and moved it over to get the lawn mower. I was gonna put the snow blower in the bucket and when i jumped up and down about 3 or 4 times and my hearing aids are gone when i got back in the house. You know? I says ‘oh boy,'” Metschke said. 

A local Audiologist came to the rescue and helped Metschke apply for a special grant with the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation.

“David has been a patient of ours for over 10 years and we know that he lost his hearing aids in the flood and that was kind of near and dear in our heart, just knowing that our stores, how much it’s been a challenge for us, we wanted to be able to help him out,” 4th generation Audiologist from the Beltone Hearing Center, Dean Kent said.

Metschke sent a submission by letter and won.

“The program is great and I never knew what was going on until I come in to find out about what hearing aids are gonna cost me again. Then I put my name in and I was lucky to get it, you know,” Metschke said. 

Just over 5 months later, Metschke got reunited with a state–of–the–art pair.

He can finally hear again, and the first thing he’s going to do?

“Probably call my niece down in Florida and see if there’s still flooding or the hurricane’s hit them,” Metschke said. 

David Metschke is the second foundation member to receive the complimentary product. The new hearing aid can even answer phone calls and play the audio in his ears like in stereo.

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