Locals chime in on CDC and FDA warnings on Delta 8 THC

The FDA and CDC are ringing the warning bell about Delta 8.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The FDA and CDC are ringing the warning bell about Delta 8.

But an owner of a shop and doctor say it’s all about having a trusted and vetted source.
Delta 8 THC is unregulated but a legal cousin to marijuana. Officials are split on if it is safe to use.

The CDC and FDA recently released warnings against the use of Delta 8 THC, with reports of people having adverse effects like vomiting and going to emergency rooms.
Some of the reports were unintentional using of the substance and some included children under the age of 18.


Delta 8 is like a cousin to marijuana. It gives users a similar, but more mild high.
At Centerpointe, Topher Hansen says they are seeing the new drug in some of their cases and do not recommend it as a replacement for a drug addiction.

“We’re seeing a lot more people were using it,” said Hansen. “And some people then are questioning ‘Well if I’m having a problem with marijuana, will Delta 8 be something I can use in the habit to be more safe?’ and we’re not recommending that.”

At CBD Remedies, they say if Delta 8 was regulated or banned, people would try other ways of getting the drug or turn to more dangerous options.
“It would be absolutely devastating,” said Dr. Andrea Holmes If there was a crackdown or a prohibition on these important minor cannabinoids.”

The owner says Delta 8 is rising in the black market and people should avoid any Delta 8 products like brownies, gummies, or jelly beans and especially any others without proper packaging.

“Packaging labeling is a big deal,” said Adam Brewer, co-founder of CBD Remedies. “Also, the efficiency and sold is a big deal, only to make sure that this gummy has the same amount as the next gummy and the next container and the next container of gummies.”

He adds they vet their products with companies and their in-house chemist and doctor.

Dr. Holmes says she was not surprised by the warning and is glad there is one. She adds it does not change her stance on the drug as it is a legal way to help people who need the cannabis-like product.

“I really hope that we can continue to provide a quality market, a market that’s trusted, a market that is dependable, where products are being delivered that are clean and compliant,” said Holmes.

Hansen says until there is more information about the drug, he remains neutral but wants people to be safe about what they intake.

“All we can say is you really need to be understanding of the risks by buying and in places that don’t have any quality control on them, and its substance that we don’t know a lot about,” said Hansen.

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