LPD: 6 men arrested in sex trafficking detail at Lincoln hotel


On Friday, a human trafficking operation was set up by local law enforcement and the FBI to go after “johns” and “pimps.”

Six men were arrested, their ages ranging from 26 to 74.

Trihung Huynh and Justin Sammons believed they were meeting with a child.

“These men arrived at the hotel believing that they were there to engage with a 15-year-old girl in sexual activity,” said LPD Officer Angela Sands.


The other four men, Zachary Cary, Yousuf Khan, Devon Briggs and Angel Valladares, were arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

Four adult women were also taken into custody after showing up at the hotel to meet with buyers.

They were not arrested; instead, given advocates and other resources.

The location of the hotel and identities of the women are being kept confidential.

LPD wants to find out if they were being trafficked.

The hope is that they’ll cooperate to help police learn more about who was organizing these meet-ups.

“She may not initially feel comfortable admitting that she has a pimp or is being trafficked, that’s something we have to bring an advocate in for, to work to develop that information,” said Ofc. Sands.

Officer Sands says it’s very common for these women to need assistance with drug addiction or mental health problems.

She says LPD runs into sex trafficking cases on a daily basis.

Even if both parties are adults, it’s still against the law.

“Soliciting a prostitute in the city of Lincoln is illegal, so if you are caught soliciting a prostitute, that’s illegal and we will arrest you,” said Ofc. Sands.

LPD also wants the rest of the community to know, that there are resources available for survivors.

Voices of Hope provides services to empower those who have experienced relationship violence, sexual assault and related forms of abuse.

The services offered are free and confidential to victims of these crimes as well as their family members.

Voices of Hope is located at 2545 N St. in Lincoln, NE.

There is an accessible 24-hours a day through the crisis line: 402-475-7273.


The facility is open for walk-in services from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday – Friday.

Previous reporting:
Authorities arrested six men Friday in connection to a human sex trafficking investigation at a Lincoln hotel.
Two of the men, identified by police as 75-year-old Trihung Huynh and 48-year-old Justin Sammons, were arrested for enticement by an electronic device. Lincoln police said the men went to the hotel after speaking with an investigator posing as a 15-year-old girl with the intent to have sex with the teen. 
The other four men, 40-year-old Zachary Cary, 43-year-old Yousuf Khan, 26-year-old Devon Briggs, and 29-year-old Angel Valladares, were arrested for solicitation. 
The arrests were part of a joint operation with the FBI, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Omaha Police Department, and the Nebraska State Patrol. 
Four women were also contacted and referred to advocates to determine if they are victims of human trafficking. 

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