LPD: Lincoln drivers earn at least $32,000 worth of speeding fines since start of school year

Slow down, or pay up. 

That’s the message from Lincoln police to drivers in school zones.

LPD’s annual Back to School Traffic Enforcement Project has been going on since school started on Monday, August 12th.

The amount of fines earned by drivers for going too fast has already surpassed $32,000.

The annual traffic enforcement project is funded by a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety.

It allows LPD to closely monitor the school zones for drivers who are speeding, putting kids at risk.

“It gives us the extra funding to bring officers in early and later so that we’re able to hit both of the school zones both in the morning and after school,” said Sgt. Michael Muff, with LPD Traffic Enforcement.

Sgt. Muff keeps track of the amount of citations handed out by officers.

Through eight days of enforcement, Sgt. Muff reports that 268 tickets for speeding have been written, and 158 of those have been in school zones, where the fines are doubled.

Altogether, that is at least $32,000 dollars worth of fines, and there’s still another week to go.

“The majority of our tickets are in that 11 to 15 (mph) range, although we get a lot from the 16–20 (mph) range also. Every once in a while we do catch someone doing 45 (in a 25), going 20 or over in the zones,” said Sgt. Muff.

Sgt. Muff says a lot of people are distracted while driving, and they don’t even realize it when they enter a reduced speed area, like a school zone.

“Most of the people we contact say they didn’t even see the flashing yellow lights. If you can’t see a flashing yellow light, are you really going to be able to see a child that dashes out into the roadway,” said Sgt. Muff.

Here’s what you’ll pay if you’re caught in a school zone speeding during drop off and pickup times.

Between 11 and 15 miles per hour over the limit, the fine is $150.

If you’re between 16 and 20 miles per hour over, the fine jumps to $250.

If LPD catches you going 21 or more miles per hour over the limit, you’ll be paying the full $600 fine.

“This time, as well as any time during school zones, you need to watch out so you can slow down, so you’re able to see the kids if a kid darts out, if you’re going 25 (mph) you’re going to be able to stop in time,” said Sgt. Muff.

The extra enforcement will continue until the end of next week, or Friday, August 30th.


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