LPD: Man arrested on multiple assault charges

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Pictured above: 32-year old Allen Busby arrested on assault charges.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Sunday morning, a domestic disturbance call led to an assault arrest two days later.

Officers with the Lincoln Police Department (LPD) were called to 40th and ‘A’ Streets around 1 a.m, where the victim, a 28-year-old female, came running up to an officer.

LPD spotted a man- later identified as 32-year-old Allen Busby- running after her, but when he saw police, quickly fled.

The officer reported that the woman said she feared for her life.

She said she knew the man chasing her. He had been sending her threatening messages and showed up at her workplace unannounced earlier the day before.

Later that night, she heard a loud bang, like someone was trying to breakdown the door to her home. She grabbed her two-year-old child and hid before calling the police.

According to the victim, Busby came into her bedroom, physically and sexually assaulting her. Her child was asleep in a separate room at the time, which Busby was aware of.

LPD reports injuries consistent with the victim’s account. She identified her attacker as Busby, which officers confirmed through security footage.

Busby was unable to be located at that time.

Two days later, Busby was found and taken into custody at Kawasaki Motors, 6600 NW 27th St. He was arrested for 1st-degree sexual assault, burglary, 3rd-degree domestic assault, child abuse, and criminal trespass.

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