LPD: Man tased twice after assaulting officer, resisting arrest

LPD reportedly had to tase a man twice after he assaulted an officer during an arrest at a gas station early this morning

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Early Thursday morning, at about 4:39 a.m., LPD reports that an officer was patrolling the 2300 block of North 1st street when he ran the plate of a vehicle–a 2006 grey Mazda sedan–and found out that one of the occupants had an outstanding warrant.

The officer reported locating the individual–30-year-old Ras A.M. Bateman–at the Kwik Shop at 2330 North 1st street. 

According to the officer, he explained to Bateman that he had a warrant for failing to appear for driving under suspension citation, released on his PR bond without having to post any money.

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The officer says he then tried to take Bateman into custody but Bateman slammed the officer up against the metal frame of the convenience store door and ran outside. Next, the officer said he tackled Bateman in an attempt to take him into custody but Bateman continued to fight to escape, swinging his elbow into the officer’s face, causing bleeding and a concussion.

The officer reported he deployed his taser next, telling Bateman to stop fighting and stay on the ground, and that he would deploy his taser again if he continued fighting. Bateman reportedly continued fighting so the officer used his taser for a second time and put Bateman in custody.

Bateman was arrested for 3rd Degree Assault on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.

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