LPS students pick Pansing Brooks, Blood in mock election

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln Public Schools students held a mock election Wednesday, and the results are in.

In the 1st Congressional District, students elected State Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks over Rep. Mike Flood.

Pansing Brooks earned 10,221 votes, with Rep. Mike Flood trailing at 8,588 votes.

For governor, Carol Blood was elected over Jim Pillen, with Libertarian Scott Zimmerman having a strong performance.

The vote share for Blood was 43%. Pillen had 34%, with Zimmerman earning 20% of the vote.

Students also got to vote on Initiatives 432 and 433, both of which were approved. Voter ID was approved with 61% of the vote, and a minimum wage increase got 73%.

“Students are learning about the democratic process, they’re learning about what different offices to vote for, why you vote for those offices, what those offices get to do and how they impact your life,” said Jaci Kellison, a social studies curriculum specialist.

Students in grades four through 12 were invited to participate in Student Vote. The program teaches students about the importance of voting and how to be an informed voter leading up to the mock vote.

Nearly 20,000 students across every school in the district participated in Wednesday’s vote.

Full results of Wednesday’s mock election, including breakdowns of the results at each school, can be found on the LPS website.

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