Madonna patients pet and paint therapy horses

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Patients at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals’ Lincoln facility got a chance to paint horses on Halloween.

The hospital partnered with Windsong Equitherapy, an organization that trains therapy horses, to make the event happen.

Patients were able to brush and pet the therapy horses and, in the spirit of Halloween, paint costumes on them.

Horses are known to assist with the physical and emotional burden of recovering after a traumatic illness or injury.

“I had this gentleman who had a stroke, and his speech had been affected,” occupational therapist Brooke Murtaugh said. “When he got around the horse and interacted with it, he started talking, and his primary therapist hadn’t heard him speak before.”

These 1,500-pound gentle giants seemed to love the attention, as well as their new colors.

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