Man opens can of Hurricane in back of police cruiser, taken to detox

Lincoln Police say a man opened a can of liquor in the back of a police cruiser while an officer was giving him a ride home because he was too drunk to drive. 

Police say shortly before midnight Wednesday, the officer saw the man stumbling through the street near 17th and A. 

The man, identified as Rubin Rollins, 38, told the officer he was trying to get to his brother’s home a few blocks away. 

The officer offered to give Rollins a ride, and then noticed Rollins had opened a can of Hurricane malt liquor. 

The officer told Rollins he could not have the can open, but says Rollins continued to drink. 

Police say the officer took Rollins to his brother’s house, but nobody was home so he was taken to The Bridge detox center. 

Rollins was cited for having an open alcohol container and consuming alcohol in public. 


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