Meet and greet held for ‘Miracle Pup’ who survived horrible accident

Tucker, who is two-years-old, was found beaten and battered after escaping the yard of a pet sitter and getting hit by a car.

He was missing for five days before being found near 13th and Yankee Hill by complete strangers.

On Monday at Holmes Lake Park, Tucker’s owners got to meet the people who saved their dogs life. 

“We just seen this dog kind of running through the grass and we just stopped and kind of asked each other, do we stop? We ended up stopping and I kind of got out to see if he was okay and he ran for me. I didn’t even notice he was hurt and Kyle just leaned out his car door and the dog just jumped right in,” Denise Jackson said. 

The introduction was one that left Tuckers owners in tears.

“It broke my heart in a way because for months to find the person so we could say thank you. They brought our boy back and if he hadn’t been found, the vet said that day or the next day he would have died from dehydration,” Ellen Spencer said.

The two were heartbroken and fearing for Tuckers life after his accident.

The community quickly sprung into action, donating money to help with Tucker’s surgeries helping him survive.

There was no shortage of that support on Monday at Holmes Lake Park.

Something that volunteers with Dolly’s Legacy animal rescue said is something they are always looking for.

“We rely completely on donations to run the rescue and everything that’s donated goes straight to the animals to help them and help them get adopted into their forever home,” Jennifer Dlouhy said.

People brought a number of donations including dog and cat food, toys, liter and much more.


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