Meet Betty: Lincoln Children’s Zoo sees first red panda cub birth in 8 years

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln Children’s Zoo announced on Wednesday the birth of its first red panda cub in eight years.

Betty was born on June 4 to first-time mom, Tián and dad, Liu.

Using bamboo, wood and wool, the zoo created six nesting boxes off exhibit to replicate the panda’s natural nesting instincts.

Red Pandas are listed as endangered on the International Union Conservation of Nature’s list of threatened species, meaning they face a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

“Red Pandas are an endangered species so this birth is incredibly important for animal conservation efforts,” said Evan Killeen, Lincoln Children’s Zoo CEO. “Tián’s maternal instincts have been spot on and our Zoo team has done a great job creating an exceptional environment for mom and cub to thrive, while also monitoring them to ensure their continued health and safety.”

The zoo is part of a program that develops a breeding and transfer program to maintain endangered populations.

While Tián and Betty have access to their exhibit space, guests are not likely not see Betty on exhibit until this fall.

Betty will continue to spend almost all her time in her nest boxes as her motor skills continue to develop and as she learns to climb and move on her own.

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