Mike Hilgers, 45 other attorneys general seek to force TikTok’s compliance with probe

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers and 45 of his counterparts are accusing TikTok of stonewalling their investigation.

The coalition, which is led by Colorado AG Phil Weiser and Tennessee AG Jonathon Skremetti, is seeking to review TikTok’s communications.

In an amicus brief filed Monday, the attorneys general say TikTok “repeatedly and knowingly failed to preserve relevant information” for the investigation into the mental health effects of the app, especially for children.

TikTok employees use a messaging service called Lark, which allows workers to send auto-deleting messages, according to a press release.

The attorneys general say the company has provided messages in a format that is “difficult to use and navigate.”

They are now asking the court to compel TikTok to provide the necessary information.

“The attorneys general involved in the multistate investigation have a duty to protect the people of their states from illegal business practices, and TikTok’s failure to preserve and share relevant internal communications hampers the investigation,” the press release said.

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