Monolith unveils new technical facility in Lincoln

Tuesday was the official opening of Monolith’s new technical facility in Lincoln.

The move is a continuation of the company’s decision to move operations from California to Nebraska back in 2016.

Company headquarters are already in downtown Lincoln, and a manufacturing plant is in nearby Hallam, Nebraska.

“We are building Monolith to have an impact, economically, environmentally and societally,” said CEO Rob Hanson.

The company uses natural gas and electricity to create carbon black.

Carbon black is a material used in thousands of products ranging from batteries, tires, electronics, plastics, inks, paints and even toys.

Monolith uses Hydrogen as an energy fuel. A method that is environmentally friendly.

“Monolith stands to serve as strong evidence that Lincoln’s reputation as a hub of the silicon prairie has been gaining traction on a national scale with people across the country obviously now taking some notice,” Said Mayor Chris Beutler.

The new state-of-the art research and development facility is already looking to hire.

“By the end of next year alone, we will create an additional 50 highly skilled and highly paid technical positions right here in the state of Nebraska,” said VP of HR Amy Ostermeyer.

CEO Rob Hanson says Monolith will invest around 100 million dollars into the state between 2016 and 2020.

The jobs created will range from operators and maintenance at the Hallam plant to scientists and engineers at the technical center in Lincoln.

“For us, an impact on society is one word, it’s jobs. We hold the view that good jobs build strong individuals, build strong families, and that is the fabric of society,” said Hanson.

The shift from a coal source to a hydrogen source will reduce CO2 emissions by 1 million metric tons a year at the Sheldon station facility in Hallam.

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